About Let Them Talk

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:

  1. Affirming the Black Community by fostering unity through authentic engagement and purposeful partnerships
  2. Creating a Safe Space for Youth Voices, where their perspectives are amplified in a secure environment that encourages open expression
  3. Addressing Racial Disparities by enhancing the knowledge and skills of Black Youth Workers, Black Families, and the community to eliminate disparities in underserved areas.

Let Them Talk’s core belief is that equipping Black Youth Workers with comprehensive training and professional development is essential to effectively address the unique needs of youth within the Black community. We are dedicated to offering crucial educational resources, mental wellness, and financial literacy. Through these initiatives, we strive to uplift both the Youth Workers and the youth they serve, fostering positive growth and sustainable change.


Fostering intergenerational connections through genuine collaborations to empower positive outcomes for youth. Partnering with Black Youth Workers, Black Families, and the Black Community to revive and fortify our collective support network

Anthony Battle, Daniel Mills, and Heather Savage are visionary leaders and dedicated advocates who have connected their passion to establish Let Them Talk—an impactful platform driven by a mission to amplify Black youth voices, foster intergenerational collaboration, and eradicate disparities. With a visionary approach rooted in unity and change, their combined efforts have created a brighter future for the Black community. Drawing inspiration from a deep commitment to unity and growth, Anthony, Daniel, and Heather’s leadership at Let Them Talk is characterized by their ability to bridge generations through authentic engagement and strategic partnerships. Their determination to uplift the Black community is reflected in their multifaceted roles as catalysts for meaningful change.

With a laser focus on addressing critical disparities, their unwavering dedication is evident in their strategic pursuit of nurturing Black Youth Workers, empowering them with comprehensive training, and forging pathways for mentorship. Their efforts transcend traditional boundaries, fostering connections that amplify positive outcomes and address complex issues Black youth face.

Anthony, Daniel, and Heather’s influence extends far beyond their roles as visionaries. Their commitment to creating safe spaces, addressing mental wellness, and championing educational and entrepreneurial growth is the cornerstone of Let Them Talk’s impact. By fostering an inclusive environment where all members of the community can learn, thrive, and express themselves, they are reshaping the narrative and driving change. Through visionary planning, innovative resource creation, and purposeful engagement, Anthony Battle, Daniel Mills, and Heather Savage propel Let Them Talk’s mission and vision into action. With an unshakable commitment to uplifting the Black community and its youth, they are at the forefront of positive transformation, illuminating a path toward unity, equity, and empowerment for future generations.